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Elements of all Silvec ash wood tripods

The special features are stability and vibration damping, a combination which is only really possible with a wooden tripod. The highly precise manufacture accounts for the many possibilities in photography, film, astronomy and geodesy. Easy both to construct and use, the tripod allows one to give full attention to the essential matter.

Special features

Long-term use with a minimal wear of materials is guaranteed by the twin articulated arm from weatherproof ash wood along with enforced tripod heads with aluminium cast alloys. The force-fitting spread stops complete this exceptional feature.

The exclusive use of high quality materials down to the smallest detail guarantees a multiplicity of uses, which will reach professional standards and have been made possible through our many years of experience.

Telescopic slides

The telescopic slides are smooth and can be used with equal ease regardless of weather conditions; an advantage, for example, in very low temperatures. The twin articulated arm tripod from ash wood in combination with the aluminium die-cast components is easy to manoeuvre whilst providing maximum stability.

Eccentric tappets

Different angle adjustments of 20°, 35° and 45° can easily be chosen using the spring loaded eccentric tappets.

Friction clamps

as well as the plastic lays for the ball scrapers and central pillars are easy to manoeuvre and flexible and facilitate the secure alignment and use of the tripods.

Base elements

are equipped with steel spikes which facilitate stable positioning in the open air and can be protected as required with screw-on rubber parts.