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Ash wood

Silvec – Natural Ash Wood Tripods

Wood is one of the favourite manufacturing materials in the history of photography. Not only was it used in the first movie and film cameras, but also in the first tripods.

Digital photographers like to use ash wood tripods because they allow the perfect shot to be taken because of the protection against vibration.

Professional photographers need a tripod in their day-to-day work & will discover the advantages of using a Silvec ash wood tripod very quickly. Silvec tripod owners soon discover that modern technology and precise craftsmanship go hand-in-hand to create the Silvec Ash Tripod.

Silvec wooden tripods – handmade high-tech for photographers

Our top model N129 is unique in giving you a tripod that can carry up to 25kg (50 pounds), but only weighs 1.7kg (2.4 pounds).

Copyright Jim Speth PhotographyWood: classic material for professional tripods; extremely strong but light in weight

Naturally a solid wooden tripod is heavier than it’s counterpart in aluminum or carbon, due to the latter having “hollow arms.” This is taken into consideration when constructing Silvec tripods; the design of the individual arms is optimised for a high weight load when the rest of the tripod weighs so little.

A tripod is useless if the camera cannot be securely fastened to it, so when selecting a tripod one should take into consideration the weight of one’s camera with it’s heaviest large lens – the tripod should be able to cope with the weight without any vibrations.

A light tripod can be tipped over and/or vibrate even in light winds, however with a Silvec tripod, due to it’s optimized weight, it will not let you down and avoid vibrations. Considering the ability of the Silvec tripod to carry large photographic equipment relative to its size, an average weight of 2.1kg (4 – 4.1 pounds) will enable the photographer to carry his or her tripod in all terrains.

This is also the reason that ash tripods are used for professional survey activities; measurements are needed to be extremely accurate in all sorts of weather conditions

Ash wood tripods – Sustainability and the environment

Ash wood is extremely weather resistant and easy to maintain. Using ash wood the Silvec tripod can be used in the coldest weather without wearing gloves, a great advantage compared to using metal, and aluminum or carbon material made tripods. Also the reverse is true, in Summer the wood doesn’t heat up as other materials would do, which has a positive influence on handling and also on the characteristics of the tripod. Ash resists extreme climatic conditions, 365 days a year.

CO2 emissions caused in producing an ash wood tripod are a fraction of the emissions caused when compared to producing comparable tripods made from metal or carbon.

Craftsmanship and natural characteristics for taking the best shots possible

Compared to high tech materials ash wood at first sight seems to be taking a step backwards, but take another look ……after the wood has been in the hands of a craftsman you can appreciate the extreme precision and see how the wooden tripod stands out from the crowd.

The wood is seasoned for two years, so that natural tensions disappear gradually over time. Wood is one of the most durable natural materials on Earth. As a tree it’s been facing natural elements all it’s life. Because of the long fiber and the middle gross density of 690kg/m3, it’s hard and flexible, enabling a craftsman to produce components with a high degree of precision. Being more tensile and more flexible than other woods mean it is elastic, indelible and resistant to lye and acid.

A lifetime purchase

A wooden tripod will be the last tripod you buy. Its durability along with other outstanding features is superior to anything else. Anybody who has owned a wooden tripod knows about the protection against vibration that makes it one of a kind. Silvec tripods are far superior to any model made from aluminum or carbon.

Even though a Silvec tripod may not be the first tripod you buy, we want to convince you that our handmade ash wood, the quality of our craftsmanship and our knowhow will make sure that all your requirements are met. It will be your constant companion enabling you to take great photographs.