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The Idea

A tripod is a valuable investment for a photographer’s entire life. Whether photography is a hobby or a profession – there are a lot of reasons to purchase a tripod. But which tripod is easy to handle, can handle heavy loads, can be conveniently transported and seems to be rooted in the ground once it is set up?

From the idea…

The mechanical features of a tripod, such as its vibration response, net weight, weight load and suitability for different uses even in bad weather, are highly relevant for any photographer.

Silvec Holzstative

Vibration response and net weight are the main criteria for choosing a tripod, but also the ones which influence each other the most.

A heavy tripod can resist strong winds better than a light one, but is difficult to transport and quickly becomes inconvenient.

High weight load and low net weight with maximal vibration damping?

Often the most impressive pictures are taken under difficult conditions such as snow, sand, wind and rain, where vibrations are much stronger than usual.

The right material for building a tripod which fullfils these technical requirements can be found in surveying.

Here, precision is the top priority and tripods made of wood are commonplace. Wood offers outstanding stability and damps vibrations sustainably.

Carbon and metal are suboptimal when it comes to strong vibrations. Even slight vibrations are transferred to the camera and, overall, it takes more time until the tripod is stable again. Furthermore, wood offers an ergonomic plus for any photographer due to its pleasant feel.

… to the tripod

Wood from Germany fits perfectly with our corporate concept of a short supply chain, sustainability, fair trade and our goal of offering a real first-class product with excellent value for money.

Silvec Holzstative

The renewable resource we use for our tripods is the ash tree.
Traditionally grown in Germany, the ash provides a heavy and very hard wood with long fibres – ideal for a high weight load and outstanding vibration response!

We were able to significantly reduce the typically high net weight of about 6-8 kilograms of many wood tripods by optimizing the different components – without sacrificing stability or vibration damping.

In this way, we managed to increase the minimum weight load to 18 kg and the maximum weight load to 25 kg, with an ideal net weight of about 1.7kg to 2.5 kg. As a result, you will see an improvement in the sharpness of your pictures, even if your equipment weights less than 25 kg.

Silvec ash wood tripods will help you bring your picture ideas to life in any situation. The modern, highly vibration-damping tripod design satisfies the highest technical and ergonomic requirements – each tripod is one of a kind and virtually roots itself into the ground for you.

The ash, called “Yggdrasil” or “world tree” in Norse mythology and described as having three roots, has a medium density of 690 kg/m³. Its wood has been used for centuries for hubs, rims, spokes, shafts and stake-body carts – all of which depend on vibration damping, durability and weather resistance.