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Trees are being decimated at an unprecedented rate with almost no species not under increasing threat from emerging pathogens.

chestnut tree.jpg

From 1900 -1940 virtually all of America’s 3 billion chestnut trees were wiped out by an invasive fungus


Deadly bacteria spreading through SoCal vineyards while a novel virus is damaging NorCal ones

orange tree.jpg

Invasive bacteria has infected all Florida citrus tree rendering >70% unproductive and is spreading to California

olive tree.jpg

Thousand year old Italian olive trees are dying from invasive bacteria that threatens the entire $20 billion Southern European production

apple tree.jpg

Mysterious disease is causing apple trees to die across America & Asia

palm tree.jpg

Fungi causing $500M of annual damage to SE Asia palm plantations

cacao tree.png

Virus infecting 300 million W. African cacao trees threatens the livelihood of millions of farmers

banana tree.jpg

Emergence of resistant fungal strain threatens all central American bananas

Our products are based on a novel type of RNA discovered by the Silvec team which can be engineered to target almost any virus, bacteria, or fungus without altering the host’s genome 

Farmer Holding Fruit


 Silvec products use a unique delivery approach based on a novel

type of RNA that we were the first to characterize


A single application can provide lifetime protection for a tree, vine, or bush against many diseases, eliminating much of the need

for genetic modification


We believe this represents a comparable breakthrough for trees as the invention of vaccines and antibiotics have had for humans

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